Friday, December 31, 2021

Wholehearted Faith

Author: Rachel Held Evans (with Jeff Chu)

One-sentence summary: Notes from Rachel's final (incomplete) book in combination with editing and finessing by Jeff Chu give us Rachel's take on what it means to live our faith wholeheartedly, not leaving out any part of us in doing so. 

B.A.D. Girls Book Rating: 8

Our favorite thing about it: We loved hearing words from Rachel again. Anything. 

Our least favorite thing about it: That she was never able to finish it herself. 

Main Topics of Discussion: Honesty, Worthiness, Style/Tone

Our favorite quote: “Wholeheartedness means that we can be doubtful and still find rest in the tender embrace of a God who isn't threatened by human inconsistency.”

Notes: We loved reading this book but simultaneously hated that this will be the last word from Rachel. We could also tell that the book didn't feel like her other ones. It felt not as cohesive, which we understood, obviously. We also had the feeling that there wasn't anything "new" that was in this book that we hadn't heard from Rachel before. That being said, what did seem new (or just more pronounced?) was her focus on her own self-reflection, her faults and weaknesses. She seemed introspective a lot in this book. What was familiar was her conversational, casual writing style that we love. 

There are a few things that Rachel reiterates: our worthiness and her doubt. So many times she begins a sentence with, "on the days I believe..." and it's a great thing for people to read and normalize. It's one of the things that drew us to her after reading her very first book. 

Overall we found ourselves nodding along while we read or listened because Rachel has a way with words and such wisdom. We loved the experience of reading this book and are so glad it was made into being by loving friends. 

Memorable Meeting Moments: This was our Christmas meeting at Stephanie's house! We at pizza at Bankhead Brewing Co, exchanged gifts, played our year-in-review Jeopardy game, and built/decorated gingerbread houses at midnight before heading home around 1am. Too much fun stuff for one evening!

What We Ate: Brussels sprouts, pretzel, and artichoke cheese dip for appetizers. Several types of pizza for dinner, and a dessert sampler (cheesecake, mini bundt cakes, and mini pecan pies). 

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